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October 2023: Celebrating 50 Years of Hip Hop

 Tahiirah Habibi
Tahiirah Habibi,  describes the curated box as wines that embodies Hip hop's diversity and innovation. Just like hip-hop, wine has evolved over time, breaking barriers and challenging conventions. By combining these two seemingly disparate worlds, we aim to create a unique experience that celebrates the creativity, passion, and resilience that both hip-hop and winemaking embody. So, join me in celebration as we raise a glass to 50 years of hip hop. Let the music flow through your speakers and the wine dance on your palate. Together, let's celebrate the cultural impact hip-hop and the artistry of winemaking, as we explore the harmonious blend of these two extraordinary worlds.
Included in the mix is a selection of wines that celebrate both her birthday month and the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop. These wines reflect the boldness, complexity, and individuality that define the genre. From the vibrant and energetic notes of a high-acid white to the smooth and soulful tones of a rich red, each bottle has been chosen to evoke the essence of Hip Hop. Read about each bottle below:
  • Gregory Perez, Brezo Tinto | Bierzo, Spain; red, mencia, alicate bouschet: “I would liken this to the 90’s era of hip-hop because of the high vibrant notes. Hailing from the heart of Spain this is a remarkable wine that encapsulates the essence of the Bierzo region. Composed primarily of mencia grapes, with a subtle addition of garnacha tintorera, this wine is a fusion of tradition and innovation. Through a meticulous winemaking process involving wild yeast fermentation in stainless-steel vats and aging on the lees in vat, Brezo Tinto emerges as a fresh, ripe, and inherently floral red wine that bears the signature spiciness of the region. Its medium to full-bodied character is celebrated for its un-oaked purity, allowing the grapes' true nature to shine. This wine is the perfect partner for meat dishes, from sausages to game meats and delectable chicken creations. Its versatility shines, enhancing the dining experience and leaving a lasting impression. This wine invites you to savor the vibrant flavors of the Bierzo terroir, promising an unforgettable journey through Spanish winemaking craftsmanship and culinary delight.” 

  • Koppitsch, Touch | Weinland, Austria; white, welschriesling, gemischter satz: “Alexander and Maria Koppitsch decided to  vstop selling their grapes and start making wines in 2011, shortly after taking over their parent's winery. Their grapes are planted in a small village on the shores of the Neusidl Lake and on the rolling hills of the Leitha Mountains. Alexander believes in no additives, winemaking by hand, and uses biodynamic principles to cultivate the grapes. A fun orange wine with tropical fruit flavors, creamy on the palate, light acidity and a saline finish. Notes of passion fruit, mango, pear, and vanilla. Great to pair with seafood and meat dishes.” 

  • Pikasi, Barbera Carnuntum, Austria, red, barbera“I would liken this to the 2000’s era of hip-hop because of its unique medley of notes. This is a lively, un-oaked narbera that hails from the Vipava Valley, perched on the border of Slovenia near Trieste, Italy. Hand-harvested and fermented with native yeasts, this red wine boasts a unique character and a vibrant personality. It pairs wonderfully with veal, game meats like deer and venison, poultry, and dishes featuring mushrooms. Upon sipping this wine, you'll be greeted by a medley of flavors. Its fruity notes are complemented by a subtle skin contact essence,creating a layered and complex taste profile. The wine's juiciness is accompanied by a hint of pepper, adding a delightful spiciness, while a touch of funk provides a distinctive edge. The smooth finish is marked by the presence of blackberry and a gentle oak undertone, making this a captivating and memorable wine.” 

  • Castello Di Tassarolo, Gavi Orsola | Piedmont, Italy; white, cortese:  Okay this one is screaming 80’s hip-hop because it is a true representation of style. A standout cortese white from Piedmont, made by Massimiliana
    Spinola and Henry Finzi-Constantine, it boasts a rich history dating back to 1367. This wine showcases a beautiful straw-yellow color, a fuller body, and enticing notes of orange blossom, beeswax, chamomile, and dried honey. Its minerality and very dry finish add to its appeal. Certified organic and biodynamic, it pairs superbly with dishes like agnolotti with braised meat, sage, and brown butter; as well as shrimp scampi. A true representation of Piedmont's winemaking heritage with a commitment to sustainability.

  • Marcel Richaud, Primeur | Rhône Valley, France; red, grenache, syrah, cinsault, mourvedre: “Marcel Richaud comes from a family of winegrowers and at 17, he already wants to be a "vigneron indépendant.” At 19 years old, he made his first wine from his aunt's vineyard, and in the early 1990's he already made a name in the fast growing Parisian natural winemaking. Today, Marcel is retired and the estate is run by his children. Savory nouveau-style red wine with crunchy berry fruit flavors, light and hefty, and fresh on the palate. Notes of plum,red berries, violet, and licorice. Goes well with barbecue and burgers!

  • Where’s Linus?, Orange | California, USA; orange, viognier: Now we’re talking the 2010 to present era of hip-hop because it's a new-school style. This delightful blend tantalizes the palate with a harmonious fusion of florals, luscious stone fruits, and zesty clementines. Each sip unfolds like a fragrant bouquet, delivering a burst of freshness and vitality. Pair this wine with your favorite summer salads for a burst of sunshine in every bite. Its versatile nature also complements sandwiches, adding a layer of sophistication to a casual lunch. Crafted in the true tradition of Viognier, this wine showcases high-terpene-linalool notes that capture the essence of the grape. Its substantial, aromatic profile is the result of careful skin-contact fermentation, offering a rich and unique textural experience. With smooth, dusty tannins, it’s is a journey of flavors that lingers long after your last sip, making  it a must-try for wine enthusiasts.”
  • Viña Enebro, La Lasca | Murcia, Spain; red, monastrell: Viña Enebro began producing organic wines in 2004 and transitioned to natural-only in 2008 with the goal of making wines from pure grapes and no additives or chemicals. The winery focuses on making unique and high-quality wines such as young and aged reds, sparkling, rosé, white, and reservas. Dark berry fruit-forward Murcia red wine with notes of herbs and forest floor, low to medium tannins, and light body. Notes of blueberry, currant, mushroom, and sage. Pairs well with a manchego cheeseburger and meat dishes.” 
  • Garcia Pérez, Rosado | Murcia, Spain; rosé, monastrell: Garcia Pérez tries to stick to natural winemaking as much as possible. They manually harvest their grapes in early September to make lower-ABV wines, aged in the winter and bottled in spring. A dark rosé made of 100% monastrell with sun-ripened berry fruit aroma, mouth-watering acidity and minerality. Notes of cherries, plums, raspberries and rose petals. Pairs well with paella, caprese salad, and tuna belly.

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